Various random things have happened. It's good to recall what those things are.

  • Bowser's Book Club
  • "I'm gonna do it!"
  • Takamaru's House
  • Bowser's Staraptor
  • Megaman
  • School Bus
  • Marth trying to adopt Corrin
  • Shulk the Assassin
  • Roy Koopa
  • Teachers: Mr. Farrel, Mrs. Kramer, PE Teacher
  • Secret Exit in Kirby's bathroom
  • Wolf = salt
  • Rosalina's Room
  • Nintengods
  • The 'Woods' Family
  • Sonic vs. KJ
  • 3:00
  • The School Board
  • TF2
  • Toadland
  • Toad's Butler

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